Side Hustle Spotlight: Customer Support

Blog | March 27th, 2024

Customer support roles are a fantastic way for you to earn extra. This side hustle is perfect if you’re the type who loves solving problems and helping others. With so many businesses going digital, there’s a huge demand for remote customer support.

This job is flexible; it helps you build valuable skills like effective communication, empathy, and technical proficiency. Whether you’re helping customers over chat, email, or phone, what you do is crucial for keeping them happy and loyal.

Diving into this work also boosts your ability to handle pressure and sharpens your multitasking skills, making you a pro at adapting to different professional environments.

How To Get Started

First, start by determining what niche or industry interests you. Then, get cracking on crafting a resume that sells you—highlight all the relevant experience or skills you’ve got, especially if you’re a wizard at problem-solving or have communication skills that could put a diplomat to shame.

Next, dive into platforms like Upwork and LinkedIn, where you’ll find many freelance customer support gigs up for grabs. Hunt down the ones that fit what you’re good at and promise the flexibility you need.

Remember, being a communication superstar and having the patience of a saint is crucial, but so is your knack for getting the hang of new tech and tackling customer issues head-on.

Training, Certification, and Permits

While you only sometimes need formal training, having certifications in areas like communication, conflict resolution, or specific customer support software can set you apart. It’s worth considering online courses to hone these skills.

Some companies require you to be well-versed in their products or services. This means doing your homework and preparing thoroughly is key. Although there’s no standard permit needed for customer support roles, having a quiet workspace and a reliable internet connection is crucial for remote work.

Also, being familiar with data protection and privacy laws can be a big plus, mainly when dealing with sensitive customer information.

Customer Support Opportunities

The customer support industry is vast and growing, with numerous opportunities across different sectors. Tech companies, e-commerce platforms, and service providers seek customer service agents who provide more than essential support.

They value problem solvers, empathetic listeners, and individuals like you who can transform negative experiences into positive outcomes.

In your role, you might find yourself troubleshooting, sharing detailed product information, or handling returns and complaints with professionalism that boosts the company’s reputation.

Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance work, remote positions are becoming more common, presenting various opportunities for those ready to adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment.

How Much Will You Make?

What you earn in customer support will hinge on a few key factors: your level of experience, the complexity of the support you’re providing, and whether you’re working full-time, part-time, or as a freelancer.

Typically, if you’re just starting, you might see wages ranging from $10 to $15 an hour. But as you gain more experience or carve out a specialization in areas in high demand, you can look forward to seeing your hourly rate climb to somewhere between $20 and $30.

Freelancers have the leeway to command higher rates depending on their expertise and the specific requirements of their gigs.

Besides your hourly wage, some customer support positions offer bonuses for standout performance or achieving certain milestones, which can significantly boost your earnings. Working remotely can reduce commuting and clothing costs, effectively increasing your net income.

By building niche expertise or advancing your technical knowledge, you’re not just increasing your earning potential but also unlocking doors to roles that come with greater responsibility and, consequently, higher pay as you progress in your career.