Side Hustle Spotlight: Freelance Writer

Blog | September 27th, 2021

Freelance writing is a quickly growing segment of online freelance work. Commonly referred to as content writers, a freelance writing career is ideal for anyone with strong writing ability, including following standard writing conventions while producing original, easy-to-read content.

Freelance writing can be a great way to make some extra cash on the side. There are several job boards and sites available that allow you to get started right away. There’s no shortage of work for freelance writers who can produce well-researched, high-quality written content.

Freelance writers are needed in every field imaginable. Many writers find “niches” that correspond to their area of expertise. Everyone has in-depth knowledge of something. The chances are high that a niche exists which allows you to draw on your unique life experience to produce accurate, well-written content.

How to Get Started

Freelance writing is one of the easiest side hustles to get off the ground quickly. For serious freelancers who want the most control over their writing content, sites like Upwork offer a meeting place for freelancers and clients. 

Job boards like Upwork and similar sites give those who need content to be written a place to post the jobs they need to be completed. Freelance writers bid on these jobs, and the client selects the freelancer they feel is most appropriate.

While sites like Upwork help freelancers manage their business effectively, it can take time to establish a reputation as a competent writer among those posting to the job board. While you’re building your reputation on job boards, you can apply to other sites that offer jobs directly to freelancers.

Websites such as WordAgents and Textbroker provide a more direct experience to a freelancer. Jobs on these sites are placed in a job pool, and freelancers who work with these companies simply select the job they want to complete from the list of available positions. 

In contrast to job boards, freelancers do not bid on specific assignments and merely select the job they wish to complete.

While WordAgents and Textbroker provide a more streamlined writing experience, freelancers who use these services have less control over the content they produce.

Training and Certifications

There is no formal training or certification required to be a freelance writer. However, there are several essential qualifications to keep in mind. Most notable is an ability to produce strong writing quickly. If you don’t enjoy writing, this isn’t the side hustle for you. Freelance writers must also possess exemplary research skills and be able to determine if a source is reliable quickly.

You must also have a high understanding of the grammar, spelling, and structure of different content types. 

Expected Return

The amount of money that you can make as a freelance writer can vary quite a bit. Freelance writers make anywhere from two cents per word up to about a dollar per word. 

Generally speaking, job boards tend to have higher-paying assignments than content-producing sites such as Textbroker or WordAgents. However, projects require more effort to obtain on job boards, and more time is spent bidding on potential assignments.

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