Side Hustle Spotlight: Lifeguard

Blog | May 10th, 2022

Sometimes, a full-time job cannot give you all the experience, emotional satisfaction, and happiness you may be looking for. When your full-time job fails to bring you the joy you need, you may want to look elsewhere. One of the best options for a side hustle is being a lifeguard.

Being a lifeguard does not require much training, and anyone can get the necessary qualifications in as little as a few weeks. Lifeguarding is very common among those in their early and mid-twenties.

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to get started on your lifeguarding side hustle, earn money, and get the satisfaction you need.

How To Get Started

Getting started with being a lifeguard can be quick. Many young adults and new members of the workforce often begin their work journey by picking up a part-time job as a lifeguard in the summers. Anyone as young as 14 can be a lifeguard – if they can swim incredibly well and are capable of passing necessary tests.

The first step to getting started with your lifeguarding side hustle is to discover the stamina and swimming strength you are capable of.

Next, you will need to know which certifications and training you may need. 

Necessary Training, Certifications, and Permits

You will need three necessary certifications to be a lifeguard: CPR, First Aid, and AED qualifications. An AED is an automated external defibrillator. An AED is used to assist the heart when its rhythm gets disrupted. A disrupted heart rhythm can happen after a swimmer has been underwater too long and can bring a person’s heart back to beating status after several seconds without beating.

First Aid, CPR, and AED certifications can be received through several organizations like the American Red Cross and are sometimes finished in as little as several hours. 

Summer Opportunities

Many community pools, theme parks, water resorts, and other facilities will likely hire lifeguards en masse for the summer months. These opportunities can pose the perfect way to kickstart your side hustle as a lifeguard. Browse your local facilities and inquire about getting short shifts or part-time hours as a lifeguard.

Expected Returns

Since being a lifeguard is a job that takes little time to qualify for, you can expect to receive anywhere from $7.25 to $15 per hour in exchange for your work and effort. While this may not be a lot of money, it can offer you some side cash while giving you a fun and exciting experience – not to mention the opportunity to save lives!

Being a lifeguard is rewarding and exciting and can give you a break from the monotony of full-time desk work. Being a lifeguard is a perfect way to make a little extra cash without running your schedule into the ground. For example, a short shift after work or on the weekends can give you satisfaction and excitement while you get some sun. Reach out to a facility and get started in your lifeguarding side hustle.