Side Hustle Spotlight: Video Game Streaming

Blog | January 11th, 2022

Millions of people pass their time playing video games. Some people prefer to watch others play whenever they’re not playing themselves. The best part about video game streaming is that you can do it on your own time. The more you play, the more you can earn.

This article will give you the information you need to get started and earn money streaming video games.

How to Get Started

You will need a few important things to start streaming, including a good quality microphone and webcam to allow more personal interaction during gameplay.

Game System

Above all, you’ll need a way to play the games. The Playstation 4 and 5 have the ability to stream to Twitch built-in. The Xbox One also allows streaming to Twitch. The Nintendo Switch and PC require additional hardware to stream.


Stable, reliable internet is required. You will want the highest speed connection possible for smooth streaming.


The level of your dedication affects the outcome. Streaming randomly is less effective than setting a schedule. Treat video game streaming as a job – full or part-time – and it will often pay accordingly.

Streaming Platforms

  • is the most common platform for video game streaming. Followers can easily interact with you. You can schedule events so people know when to be available to watch you. You can earn money from subscriptions or ads once you get at least 50 followers.
  • YouTube Gaming is a branch of YouTube, which already has live stream tools and support for streaming. Income is gained through advertisements.
  • Facebook offers a gaming stream option for both PC games and games on mobile devices. You choose which ads viewers see, but you cannot earn from streaming until you have a minimum of 100 followers.
  • Discord, which is used primarily for communication, allows live streaming. To monetize, combine it with Patreon or a donation platform.

Hardware and Software (PC Streaming)

For best results, you will want at least:
  • i7 or i9 processor
  • Minimum 16GB RAM
  • Graphics card (GPU), preferably Nvidia
  • Software to stream the game

Necessary Training / Certificates / Permits

There are no certifications or permits required for video game streaming. It will help greatly to play one or more video games well and to monologue or converse through the streaming platform.

You could simply play a game and let people watch, but without a running conversation or commentary, few will watch for long, much less return. Building relationships is a big part of reaching success.

Expected Returns / Opportunities to Monetize

Monetizing video game streaming is done in several ways.


On platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, you get a portion of what advertisers pay. The downside of ad-supported content is that viewers with ad-blockers will not count in your list of viewers for income purposes.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works on commission. You include links with an affiliate code, and you get a commission when followers click through or visit your specialized link and purchase. The risk involved in affiliate marketing is minimal, but the profit is also relatively low and unpredictable.


Personalized products – often simply called “merch” – are a good source of income. Wait to start selling merchandise until something specific about you or your channel becomes popular, then use that on the merch.


Sponsorships are a great way to use video game streaming to gain income. The downside is that you usually must already have a fairly large following before a sponsor selects you.

User Supported

The best option for a steady income stream is to have a self-hosted streaming platform such as Uscreen. Give subscribers special access and more content, and this can be a very lucrative option for video game streaming.

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