Side Hustle Spotlight: Website Tester

Blog | November 1st, 2022

Every business, blogger, and online retailer wants their website to be easy to navigate. Losing customers due to a website being poor or confusing can be frustrating, especially for those just starting out. To fix this problem, many places hire website testers to look at their website and report on the user experience. 

What Does a Website Tester Do?

Website testers check out websites for functionality, clarity, and speed. They report their findings back to the owner of the website, who will then make improvements for their user base. 

Sometimes, website testers will be on a live call or video chat with a tech expert who will note the tester's findings. Other times, testers will work alone and send feedback only when necessary. 

How Do I Get Started?

All websites will require some kind of device to access the website and screen recording software. Some websites also like to receive live feedback, so they require you to have a camera and microphone on your device. 

There are lots of different websites that will set you up as a tester. Some of the best websites to work for include
  • UserTesting: This website does work for big clients like Wikipedia and Microsoft. To be considered for this work, you must first complete a sample piece. 
  • TestingTime: TestingTime will have you fill out a profile and then will match you to tests. Most tests will require 30 to 90 minutes to complete and pay, at most, $55. 
  • works a little differently than others on this list. Instead of being paid per test, you get paid per glitch found. Most glitches and bugs pay out a $50 finder’s fee.

Is Training or Certification Required?

Some testing websites will ask you to take a test before you are allowed to begin. The pre-test ensures that you have the right equipment, communication skills, and computer knowledge to perform tests.

Most of the time, there are no certification or formal training requirements for these jobs. Additionally, while you will need some tech knowledge to give feedback, you won’t need too much skill to test the websites because they should be functional for the average user. 

Expected Returns

Many website tester platforms will pay testers roughly $5 to $25 per website. Tests usually take approximately 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the feedback the site owner is looking for and your skill level.

Can You Set Your Own Hours?

Website testers can generally make their own hours, as long as they abide by deadlines. Most companies want feedback relatively quickly, so it’s important for testers to take only jobs they can complete within the time frame.

The Bottom Line

Website testers go through websites and report back to site owners about what works on their website, what doesn’t, and the website's speed. You will need a phone, computer, and likely a camera and microphone to get started.

Many website testers make $10 to $50 per hour, depending on their ability and the website for which they work.