Side Hustle: Start an Amazon Storefront

Blog | March 2nd, 2023

Starting a side hustle by opening an Amazon storefront can be an exciting and lucrative endeavor. If you’re looking to break into the e-commerce market, Amazon is a great place to start due to its sheer size and reach. Fortunately, getting started with setting up your storefront is relatively simple.

Creating Your Account

The first step in setting up your Amazon storefront involves creating a Seller Central account, which you can do by going to Amazon Services and clicking the Register Now button. Once that’s done, you’ll need to set up your merchant information by providing banking details for where payments will be sent and set up tax information for any applicable taxes that may be charged on sales.

After that, you’ll need to create product listings for the items you want to sell on Amazon. This includes providing images of the product(s), descriptions of the product(s), pricing information, shipping details, etc. It’s essential to ensure all of this information is accurate and complete for customers to purchase from your storefront.


In terms of training or certifications necessary for opening an Amazon storefront, there are no specific requirements beyond a basic understanding of how e-commerce works and how online retail sites like Amazon operate.

Regarding expected returns, there are many factors at play here, including what types of products (or services) you decide to offer, what kind of competitive landscape exists in those areas (i.e., seller competition), pricing strategies employed, etc.

Types of Products

When it comes to types of products that tend to do well on Amazon, it depends on what people are looking for – so it pays off if you can pinpoint popular trends or niches that people may be interested in buying from.

That said, physical products like books or electronics typically do quite well due to their convenience and relatively low-cost shipping fees. You can also sell virtual products such as graphics templates – although this may require additional effort (e.g., creating digital download links) since physical goods don’t need extra steps when shipped out as virtual ones do. You might also have to sell these digital goods through the Amazon Digital Services portal.

How Much Can You Make?

Owning an Amazon storefront can be a very lucrative business. Depending on the type of products you are selling and the amount of traffic your store receives, you could potentially make thousands of dollars in profits each month.

With Amazon’s extensive network of customers, you can reach a wide variety of potential buyers, allowing you to maximize your earnings. Additionally, Amazon’s support system is excellent – they provide tools and resources to help sellers increase their sales and improve their success.


Overall, starting an Amazon storefront is an excellent way for entrepreneurs looking to get involved with selling online and generating some passive income while pursuing other endeavors.

As long as you understand how e-commerce works and have some creative ideas about what products or services could catch people’s attention – then there’s no reason you can’t find success selling through Amazon’s platform as well.

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