The Dog Days Of Summer Are Here, Here Are 7 Samples You Can Claim For Your Pup

Blog | July 25th, 2023

The sultry “Dog Days” of summer have arrived. These days begin on July 3 and go to August 11 each year. In most cases they are the hottest and most unbearable days of the season, coinciding with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. Put these traits together and you have the last blast of summer’s, literally breathtaking days. But as always, the loving, cuddly, faithful dogs in our lives are there to provide comfort and help get us through it all. So in turn, treat your pup to these seven samples as a way to praise his efforts. The freebies are easy, just click on the link, follow the prompts to provide your info for shipping and maybe answer a few multiple-choice questions to help improve future products…then you’ll be on your way to a mailbox full of goodies for your more than deserving companion!

Halo Dog Food

Halo brings you and your dog holistic foods which are balanced to provide dogs with optimal nutrition and support overall well-being. Each ingredient is there for a purpose…from providing high levels of fatty acids for skin and coat health to including more easily digestible proteins. Halo Holistic is made with prebiotics, high levels of probiotics and postbiotics to support complete digestive health and nourish the good bacteria in the gut. Get a taste for free by following the link and answering a few simple questions to help Halo better serve you and your pet!

Yummers Treats

Yummers are mix-ins that make it easy to add more nutrients and flavor to your pet’s meals. All you do is mix them to turn bland into irresistible. Plus, these yummy additions are locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to keep your little loves active, healthy, and thriving. Try them out by signing up first then purchase any Yummers product at Petco and you’ll get a payback for the full cost of one Yummers bag through Venmo or PayPal.

Dog Tag and ID

Before it happens, think of the fear and desperation owners of lost pets feel. Approximately 1.3 million pet owners keep their dogs safe with a Fido ID. You’ll get a unique FidoID and free tag with a QR code that makes it easy for your pet’s finder to report them found. If your pet is missing, trigger an alert and every member of the network within a few miles is texted information and a photo of your pet so they can help locate them. When your pet is found, those contacts receive a text message and email with the great news. This is where you can get your free protection and peace of mind. It only takes a minute to fill in your info which could lead to bringing your pet safely home!

ASPCA Safety Pack

Keeping your pet healthy is a given, but just as important is keeping them safe. This is the perfect place to start with a simple sign-up to receive important alerts and information from the ASPCA. You’ll also be given a free pet safety pack that includes pet rescue window and door stickers to help alert rescue personnel that pets are inside your home in case an emergency arises when you aren’t home and an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center magnet to keep contact information handy should you need to call with an urgent question regarding your pet.

Purina Puppy Starter Kit

New puppies need a lot of care and Purina is a name that will stand by you from the day you bring the “baby” home all the way to his senior years. Get off to a great start with the gift of helpful reading materials and free samples of Purina brand dog food. Become a member…also free…and receive popular puppy kits as complimentary benefits available exclusively to Pro Club members. Order your freebies today!

Nexderma Spray

Nexderma is a brand for your pets that is focused on creating human grade products for animals. They contain no harsh chemicals, antibiotics, or steroids, Instead, you can feel good about healing products derived from plant cells that enhance treatments for common dermatological conditions to chronic wounds, all free from antibiotic resistance. Simply enter your information and receive a FREE set of Silver Spray and one Stem Gel!

PawPrint Magazine

For this to catch your eye, you must have a special friend that leaves those paw prints on your heart daily! PawPrints is the nation’s largest printed magazine dedicated to dogs, cats, and their owners, providing wonderful ways to get the best tips and live the best life with and for pets. Let the magazine crew know about your four-legged bundle of love and you’ll be added to their list to receive future issues of the magazine absolutely free! Simply fill in your email, name, and address and answer some p-awfully easy questions to have your free magazine on its way!

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