These Are The Best Platforms To Turn Unwanted Clothes Into Cold Hard Cash

Blog | February 10th, 2024

Chances are the recent holidays allowed you to rack up on an abundance of new clothing items and accessories. To help recover from the holiday hole in your pockets, you can take out the old and make room for the new while earning extra money in the process. There are several online platforms and other ways to turn your closet filled with lightly worn and outgrown clothing into extra income. Clearing your closet can be a therapeutic experience so dig deep, declutter, and join in on a journey that takes you to the best platforms for turning your raiment to riches.


Poshmark is a fashion marketplace that transforms the selling process into a social experience. Snap a picture of your item, set your price, and let the user-friendly platform do the rest. The interactive nature of Poshmark, where users can follow each other, creates a sense of community that enhances the selling experience. Plus, with the ability to negotiate prices, this is a standout choice for those who want an enjoyable and engaging selling experience.


Enjoy the thrill of watching your bids climb as you auction your items.  eBay's global reach makes it a powerhouse for selling lightly used fashion. The platform's auction feature allows your items to potentially bring more cash than you initially expected. However, for those seeking a straightforward sale, eBay also offers a fixed-price option. So, whether you prefer the adrenaline of an auction or a calm quick sale, eBay is a great choice for turning your cluttered closet into cash.


Depop provides a platform that feels like a curated shopping experience. With its emphasis on unique and trendy items, Depop attracts a youthful and style-savvy audience. The app's layout mimics Instagram, creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, familiar feel. If you have on-trend or vintage pieces, Depop could be the perfect stage to showcase your style and turn your unwanted clothes into needed cash.


If simplicity is what you're seeking, Mercari could be your ideal selling destination. With a straightforward listing process and an easy-to-navigate setup, this is an enjoyable and very manageable marketplace. The platform even offers a prepaid shipping label, simplifying the shipping process for sellers. From clothing to electronics, Mercari accommodates a variety of items, making it an accessible option to an easy selling experience.

Facebook Marketplace

For those who prefer local transactions, Facebook Marketplace provides a community-oriented option. List your unwanted clothes, connect with buyers in your area, and arrange for a meet-up or pickup. The familiarity of Facebook actually comes with a face that can add a layer of trust to your transactions.


If you're parting ways with high-end fashion, Tradesy offers a platform tailored for luxury items that allows negotiations. When you feel that your items are too nice to leave to chance, here is the way to heal those wounds as this marketplace is known for designer and premium brands. Tradesy also handles the logistics, providing sellers with prepaid shipping kits to send their items directly to buyers. With a focus on quality, this is where you can ensure that your upscale pieces find the right audience and bring you a fair price.


This choice caters to the thrifty and eco-conscious sellers and buyers who appreciate secondhand treasures and focus on sustainable fashion. The straightforward listing process and the absence of selling fees make for an attractive option for those who want to keep it simple and trade what they no longer need for a boost in their bank account.

Swap Sessions

Saving money doesn’t always come as instant cash. Gather your Facebook friends, neighborhood acquaintances, school or church groups, and more to create a clothing swap. You can set it up as a yard sale scenario, a clothing-themed party, or anything else you can dream up. Make it kid-friendly so they can shop and swap for their favorites. The bottom line is, that you’re trading one item or outfit for someone else’s once-worn treasure of equal value. This is the perfect experience where you get back what you already paid for and take home a sack full of “new to you” fashion without spending a cent.

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