We Bet You Didn’t Know Eating Healthy Can Save You BIG!

Blog | August 26th, 2021

The saying we are what we eat has a lot of validity! Specific foods do specific things to specific parts of our body. Some give us energy, some fight inflammation, some make our muscles stronger, including our heart muscle! Some foods even help us fight off disease and illness which is always helpful. Many people believe they can’t afford to eat healthily but the truth is, we can’t afford not to. Here’s how getting healthy and eating right can actually save you BIG!

Think it Through

For those that say they can’t afford healthy foods, take a good look at your list and your shopping cart. Instead of buying grass-fed meats are you saving the difference so you can purchase foods that are empty in nutrition but full of food coloring and artificial ingredients? Food colorings can actually cross the blood brain barrier with their toxic petrochemicals. According to The Center for Science in the Public Interest, artificial colorings can cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity and even cancer!

We could stop right there and that should be enough to convince you that our bodies only need foods that they can use as clean fuel. That being said, foods that make us sick also result in doctor visits, hospital stays and potentially being on expensive medications. Plus, illness in itself puts boundaries on our quality of life. So which is really more expensive… spending a little more to be healthy and feeling good or spending less now and more in the long run along with added suffering?

Plan Your Meals

Over each weekend, start an outline with Monday through Friday, or whatever days you cook. Think of simple ingredient-filled meals that the family will love, like hearty chili! When that list is completed, lay another piece of paper beside it and write down what it takes to make each meal. There you have your grocery list! Knowing exactly what you’re going to make will save you money at the store. Those “I might use this” or “this could be handy one-day” items add up faster than you realize. You’ll save money, eat better and control portions if you stick to an old-fashioned list!

Make it Fresh

So, maybe frozen entrées and dinners in a box are a little bit faster, but check out the enormous list of mystery ingredients in them! Do you really want to serve that to your family and your growing kids? Make mealtime fun family time. Put that grass-fed meat on the grill and savor the aroma and togetherness! Boil some organic potatoes and carrots for a quick and easy side that’s real. Walmart sells huge packages of pre-washed organic salad mixes that are always a hit. This is one of many examples of an inexpensive, clean and nourishing meal paired with quality time together!

Switch Your Snacks

Now that you realize foods can work for you or against you, what are you snacking on? There are plenty of options out there for cleaner and healthier snacks. Thrive Market is a great place to shop as you gather around the table or the firepit. Kroger, Smith’s and other stores have a great section set aside with all sorts of mouth-watering healthier options! Even Walmart is getting on board with changes towards non-GMO, organic and clean foods. Make it a treasure hunt with the whole family! Let everyone pick something that is filled with only nutrition and real ingredients. Have a taste testing snack night and zero in on your favorites. When you’re eating real, you’re more satisfied which means you want less and spend less.

Go and Grow

If you have space, help and time, grow some of your own food. What a cool harvest it would be when the kids know they got their hands dirty and helped put food on the table. When watching the process from a tiny seed to the fruits of their labor on the dinner plates, chances are they’ll be less picky when they picked it themselves. Plus a little hard work and fresh air will play a big part in keeping them fit. Start small and try to grow some herbs or maybe even cherry tomatoes. You’ll be surprised how gratifying it can truly be!

Facing the Facts

Have you ever met anyone that doesn’t want to feel good about themself? There’s a meme that says “I wish I was as thin as I actually was back when I thought I was fat.” All too often we think we are worse than we are. Take away the negative, turn it into motivation and start right now toward improving no matter where you think you are. We can always do better or we can always do worse. Read those labels! If it’s real, eat it, if it’s not, don’t! Healthy eating is good eating. It tastes better and sugar cravings will become a thing of the past. It gives you energy and makes you feel like being active which in turn gives you a healthier body from the inside out! And when you’re healthy, you can save your money or spend it on things that are a whole lot more fun and enjoyable than medical bills.

So yes, eating healthy saves big…in bank accounts, physique, health, health care and how you spend your future!

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