10 Amazon Products Under $15 to Keep Kids Busy this Summer!

Blog | June 23rd, 2022

There’s one thing the kids of yesterday and young ones of today all have in common and that is the end of school joy! Do you remember when the chill of winter blossomed into the first warm days which meant summer was approaching? It almost felt like Christmas Eve was popping up again at the beginning of summer, filled with overwhelming, uncontainable excitement!

However, and yes, there is a “but“…after a few days or if you’re lucky, weeks of nothing to do, boredom sets in big time. Maybe you have a vacation planned and your funds are tied up there or your bank account is empty from last year’s school activities. Rising costs make filling the gap and keeping kids busy quite a task…unless you can find items for $15 or less to keep kids of all ages entertained.

Thank you, Amazon and here we come to gather 10 items under fifteen dollars that will keep kids of all ages happy and having fun this summer! Note: Amazon’s prices may fluctuate. The price of items on this list was under $15 at time of publishing.

Splash Pad

Summer is inevitably filled with hot days so there’s nothing better than water fun and staying cool! This splash pad is perfect for the little ones to keep them cool and giggling for hours!

Oscillating Fan Sprinkler

Continuing with the water theme, nostalgia combines with function in this oscillating fan-style sprinkler. Decades ago, dad could water the lawn while the kids had their own mini water park. Teens loved it too as they laid out on a webbed lounge chair to soak in the sun while anticipating the chilling tingle that kept them comfortable!

Big Bubbles

From early childhood all the way to adulthood, bubbles never disappoint! They are captivating little miracles that are fun to make, chase, and pop! Even better and more unique is making big bubbles like these!

Sidewalk Chalk

Whether playing hopscotch, brushing up your math on the driveway, or making sidewalk murals, big chunky sidewalk chalk will bring all of your talents to life-size proportions in a fun and colorful way!


Badminton is a simple and awesomely fun game that the whole family can play. It’s easy enough for kids to play against other kids or make it a mix of adults and kids. It’s inexpensive, pops up easily, and gets everyone out of the house for some fun-filled exercise! If you play this game today you’ll remember the fun for decades!

Biodegradable Water Balloons

Water balloon battles are the summer version of winter’s snowball fights! In the past, the difference was, snow melts where water balloons left a mess to pick up later. But with this biodegradable version, that won’t be a problem! So go outside and have a blast that’s filled with fun and makes you literally laugh out loud!

Sand Art

If you can’t get to the beach or you’ve already been and didn’t get enough of the surf and sand, this art kit can help keep beach fever at bay. Make some necklaces for back-to-school teachers’ gifts or create some Christmas ornaments ahead of time that will remind you of your sandy fun in the summertime!

Tent Time

Two things that mesh together perfectly are summertime and tents! Whether you take them outside for a stargazing, s’more-making experience or use your imagination and camp inside, the possibilities are endless with this cozy, creative way to play!

Corn Hole Tournaments

Cornhole has become extremely popular over the last few years and now you can bring the fun to your own backyard or even your living room with this affordable game of your own! Make it an event with teams striving for the championship and ice cream awards waiting!

The Basic Bouncing Ball

The simplest things can be the most fun and make memories that stick for a lifetime! With all of the fancy electronics out there, who would think that so many games can come out of one simple, round, rubber ball? You can play kickball, dodgeball, and basketball and if you’re alone you can even toss it against a brick wall and pretend someone is throwing it back! Babies will squeal with delight and accomplishment just to roll it back and forth! With this simple toy, everyone can have a ball!

So once again, Amazon comes to the rescue to provide a summer full of fabulous fun that will keep the whole family entertained at an amazingly affordable price!

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