11 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues This Winter

Blog | January 9th, 2024

Good ol January – the month that is actually not old at all but instead filled with new beginnings. Yet, much too often we seclude it into a snow globe of its own. We shake it up with thoughts that have us seeing the glow of holiday charm slowly fading and leaving us feeling stuck in a winter humdrum. Never fear…we are always here with a goody bag filled with enjoyable and wallet-friendly activities to brighten up any gray season. Here are 11 fantastic ways to infuse joy into your January and make it sparkle more than sunkissed, glistening snow…all without breaking the bank!

Indoor Picnic

Picnics aren’t just for sunny summer days. Transform your living room into a cozy spot by laying out blankets and pillows. Next, whip up some easy snacks and dips, put on your favorite tunes, and bask in the warmth of good company and an indoor fire!

DIY Spas

Pamper yourself at home with a money-saving DIY spa day. Create homemade face masks, indulge in a bubble bath, and unwind with soothing music. You’ll have all the luxury without a stressful price tag!

Book Exchange

Host a book exchange with friends, family, or neighbors. Everyone brings a book they've enjoyed and finished to swap it for a new literary adventure. It's a wonderful way to discover better than affordable new reads and connect your interests with others.

Arts and Crafts Bonanza

Bring out your creativity as you try your hand at painting, knitting or crafting. Explore new hobbies or dive back into old ones. You might just uncover a rare and hidden talent that could make a few bucks to help pay off the credit card of Christmas past!

Admission-Free Movie Marathons

Snuggle up with blankets, popcorn, and a lineup of feel-good movies, or binge-watch a series you've been itching to catch up on. It's the perfect guilt-free and cost-free excuse to stay indoors!

Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts

Bundle up and head outside for a recharge that refreshes after the holidays yet won’t cost a dime. You’ll have free admission to a nature walk where you can create a scavenger hunt to challenge yourself and your family to find items like pinecones and nature items. Next, bring your decorative loot indoors and turn it into a wallet-friendly winter arrangement!

Bake-Off Bonuses

Get your bake back on! You’ve had your seasonal staples, so now is the time to experiment with new recipes that don’t necessarily fit in with a holiday scheme. Using your leftover baking supplies, host a bake-off challenge with friends or family to savor the bonus of multiple sweet results!

Learn Something New

Embrace online resources for learning cool, new possibilities. Whether it's a new language, cooking technique, or dance moves, there's an endless variety of tutorials waiting to broaden your winter horizons.

Virtual Game Nights

When roads are dicey and the air too icy to get out, gather the gang virtually for a fun-filled game night. From classic board games to online multiplayer excitement, the possibilities for laughter and entertainment are endless! Plan ahead and give the oldies and goodies as gifts for a fresh choice in fun that doubles as a way to save!

Volunteer Virtually

While we’re thinking on the virtual side of things, spread warmth by volunteering virtually. Offer your skills to online teaching programs, assist with virtual fundraisers, or simply connect with those who could use some company and extra sunshine on these darker winter days!

Cozy Indoor Campfire Night

While the cold climate outdoors is too much to compete with the best-built fire…create an indoor campfire experience by dimming the lights and gathering around a makeshift “fire“. If you don’t have a fireplace, LED candles or fairy lights work wonders. Share stories of Christmas “just past” while relaxing in the cozy ambiance of home. There’s truly no place like it!

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