15 Last-Minute Birthday Gifts For Under $15

Blog | February 19th, 2022

As family and friend lists grow, the number of yearly birthday remembrances continues to climb as well! The more the merrier holds true with those we hold dear, but remembering to shop for birthday gifts ahead of time can be a difficult task! What can you possibly do when it slips up on you and your loved one’s special day is tomorrow? Although last-minute gifts are inevitable, you don’t want them to look like a thoughtless gesture. Put that grade school thinking cap back on and turn quick birthday presents into something thoughtful while keeping the cost at an affordable $15 or less! But first, let’s get the gift ball rolling with a few free options!

Yankee Candles

Nothing sets the mood of a holiday like the scent of a candle. These are not your typical candles, they are infused with days of incredible aroma that will fill your home with lasting freshness even after the candle is blown out and the wish is made! Make sure to get yours for free while you still can!

Dove Products

When you want your skin to be as soft as the feathers on a dove, use the soap and skin care items made by the company of the same name! Add coo-ling freshness to anyone’s special day with the gift of Dove! Get your Dove samples for free, here!

Golf Balls

Get the celebration rolling for the golfer in your life with the best-known name in golf accessories! Titleist is the #1 ball in golf, so it will make a very impressive gift for any golf lover’s special day!

Men’s Cologne

From Giorgio to Calvin Klein and several in between, this combo will make any guy’s Birthday a happy one! And better yet, it’s free for you to claim!

Gamestop Gift Card

For the kids on your list or the adults that still want to play, a Gamestop gift card will have your last minute gift covered! Your recipient will be remember your gift for a long time thanks to the game they choose to purchase!

Framed Nostalgia 

Bring out the old photos and make a framed collage of priceless moments. “Out of sight, out of mind“ is a true statement, so put the laughter, smiles and memories where they can be seen by framing your favorite memories!

Movie Ticket

Make a movie date with your parents, child, BFF or anyone that needs a break from everyday life. Inside your birthday card, include a simulated movie ticket that’s valid any time with a side

note for a free drink and popcorn. Clear the calendar and set a date in stone then get out and continue the celebration!

Photo Mug

Who wouldn’t love to wake up every morning with happy faces ready to greet them? Photo mug options have become much more affordable since many businesses have become pros at the art. Check out Etsy or photo experts like Snapfish to put something special on a mug or other item. You’ll have a customized gift that will keep on giving!

Heartfelt Words

Nothing brings happy tears to the eyes of its recipient like sincere words straight from the giver‘s heart. Go with a simple card or give an impressive, fancy box filled with poems or letters of your choice!

Homemade Specialty 

Birthday plans may have come and gone. If your gift is running on the belated side, compensate with a homemade surprise! The birthday girl or guy is most likely worn out from celebrating. Imagine his or her surprise when you show up with a homemade pot of chili and hot buttered cornbread, a fresh-baked cobbler, or that one of a kind dish that is your known specialty!

Dollar Tree Shopping Spree for Kids 

After watching kids receive bundles of gifts, it’s intriguing that their favorite seems to be the balloons or the simplest ones. That being said, children are easier to please than we think. Make them feel grown up with their own gift card to Dollar Tree. A $10 gift is a win for you while a child will feel like they won the lottery when they can go into a store and buy ten of anything they want!

Customized Coupon Book 

There’s nothing new about this idea but the content can certainly be unique! The monetary cost is basically zero but the value to the recipient can be priceless! Consider giving an overwhelmed couple a night of free babysitting, cutting someone’s grass, cooking dinner for the one that always cooks for you, or dog sitting. The needs are plenty, so light up someone’s birthday even brighter than the candles themselves!

Give Relief 

Anyone can grab a gift card but making it truly mean something requires some thought. Instead of a bland grocery store card, give a certificate redeemable for a free car wash. Taking the pressure off and providing a clean ride will be one less chore and a treat never forgotten!

Personalized Dinner Invitation  

When you need extra time to get a gift together, give a dinner invitation! Make the location your own place to keep the cost at a minimum. Grill out and spend some quality time together for one of the best gifts you can give, free food and good company!

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