19 Tips To Re-organize Your Pantry Before Spring!

Blog | March 18th, 2022

When it’s time to switch seasonal gears there are many different roads to take. Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition that comes to mind as we dust the snow off our boots and pull out the sandals and flip-flops. Packing away the winter wardrobe, cleaning from top to bottom, and scrubbing everything until it sparkles is at the forefront of becoming spring-ready. But don’t forget about the cornerstone of your kitchen that holds everything in keeping the heart of the home functioning. Start the wheels turning now to get your pantry organized and flipped from winter to spring!

Haste Makes Waste

While there’s still a trickle of winter and cold weather, get started now to avoid the rush to raid and rid your pantry of winter favorites and make space for garden-fresh, warm-weather options.

Share your Blessings

If you stocked too much for the holidays and can’t consume the bounty by yourself, donate to a food pantry, soup kitchen, or someplace where a hot meal is appreciated all year long!

Free Storage

Create extra space without spending a dime by stacking canned goods up to three rows high. Make access easy by grouping similar items together.

Extend Shelf Life and Space

Give yourself some extra space with shelf extensions that give you extra shelving without construction.

Run a Tight Ship  

Decrease the bulk and keep foods fresh with tightly sealed storage containers. Multiple boxes and bags of cereal, noodles, flour, popcorn, and more will take up less space with fewer spills using unopened packaging.

Cheap Space for Your Storage Place

Hang rolls of bulky trash bags and paper towels on the pantry wall instead of taking up shelf space with a simple MBY (made by you) hanger using two curtain rod brackets and a wooden dowel for each roll.

Clip the Chips

If you have wire shelving, save the clip hangers from baby clothes, clip them to chips and hang in rows on the bottom of the shelf. Now you have a double clip and double the space!

Stop Fumbling in the Dark 

If you can’t see it you can’t find it. If you can’t find it you’re likely to create clutter. Lighting in a pantry changes everything. If there’s no light installed add a simple battery-powered version!

Step up to More Storage 

Often space on the top shelf goes to waste because it’s unreachable. Invest in a simple, folding step stool and keep it in your pantry. The little bit of space it takes will open up a world of top-shelf storage!

Surprise Space Awaits 

If your kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, use the top for storing big bulky items like punch bowls, popcorn poppers, and other items that are not frequently used. Arrange them in a way that they will look attractive while adding usable space to the pantry.

Support is a Must 

Check your pantry shelving for stability. Add an extra brace if there are questionable weight-bearing issues. The strength will allow for additional storage items and tremendous peace of mind!

Think Highly of Your Pantry

When you run out of space, use the ceiling! Instead of hanging stuffed animals with this clip storage, hang lightweight bulky items to keep them up, up, and away!

You’ll Be Hooked On This Idea

Use Command hooks and binder clips to hold and hang small packets such as taco seasonings, dip mixes, Kool-Aid packages, and more!

Keep Summer Produce At Its Finest!  

Stackable or hanging wire baskets allow vertical space as well as airflow so your produce will last longer and stretch your dollar! We all know what a mysterious rotten potato smells like and no one wants that in their pantry!

Shower Your Pantry With Space 

Shower rods are not just for showers. Use the adjustable type up high, down low, and anywhere in between to add extra hanging options. This works best if you have solid shelving instead of the wire version.

Designated Dog Food Options

Replace multiple bags of bulky dog food by pouring it into one clean, covered storage bin. Toss in a scoop for easy, spill-free bowl fill-ups.

Add Freshness to Your Storage 

Before you restock for the upcoming season, add a fresh coat of paint to your scuffed-up pantry walls. That alone will give you an incentive to organize!

Lists Do Pay Off

Now that your storage is organized, make lists for your spring and summertime needs as well as meal and grocery options. Purchase only what you need, which in turn saves space and money!

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