2022’s Ultimate Guide For Spring Cleaning!

Blog | March 11th, 2022

‘Tis another season to be jolly, unless allergies, dust, and dirt get in the way. Too often, many pros bring a con. With budding trees and beautiful flowers come pollen and sneezing. With warm weather comes sweaty furniture and bugs. Rain showers and thunderstorms can bring leaks resulting in mold and mildew. Not to mention kids being on school breaks which means frequent opening and closing of doors with more dirt trickling in. It all sounds overwhelming but let’s do a cleaning walk-through in your home while following the advice of the old grandfather clock and take spring cleaning on one tick at a time!

Catch it at the Door!

Place a sturdy doormat at every entrance to capture the worst of shoe debris. A rack or other designated spot to remove shoes will save immense grime, wear, and mystery messes on floors.

Tubs and Showers

Soap scum makes for one tough cleaning job. To go from grimy to glistening, a miracle mix that works does exist! Start with a spray bottle and mix it with half white vinegar and half Dawn or other degreasing dish detergent. Shake it well, spray it on, let it sit for about an hour if not overnight. Scrub as usual and you will see a clean like never before! For heavy-duty soap scum repeat the process.

Attack Dust Bunny Spring Hideaways!

Most of us dust our furniture and basic surfaces often. But spring is the time to go a step further and higher to the tops of refrigerators, ceiling fans, behind furniture and appliances…basically, all the forgotten places that dust hides. Washable mop covers, extendable dusters, and step stools will turn your dread into a job well done with far fewer sneezes!

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

A necessity for extending mattress life is to flip it. Redistributing the pressure points will keep your mattress from wearing more in one spot than the other. Plus it allows each side to take turns for some sunshine and fresh air, creating a healthier sleep environment.

Put Some Spring in Your Steps! 

Carpet and rugs add a comfortable touch to the home but they do require extra steps to keep them clean. Since you can’t toss flooring in the washer, a good steam cleaning at least once a year is a must. Dust, dirt, allergens, pet fur, food crumbs, and so much more can be hiding among those cozy fibers. Having your own steam cleaner will save a fortune over calling the pros in. A touch of vinegar in a hot steamy bath for your carpet will do wonders for making your home fresh and sanitary.

Clean Without the Toxic 

True cleaning is meant to remove toxins so why add them with your cleaners? Many on the market are made with chemicals that create more havoc than they eliminate. Switch to safe, money-saving options like vinegar and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning countertops, floors, and other hard surfaces. Both of these items act as a disinfectant to destroy bacteria and viruses. And don’t worry, the vinegar smell will dissipate quickly while leaving behind a healthy clean! Sprinkling baking soda on furniture, fabrics, and carpets will also erase foul odors. Be sure to test the reaction to surfaces in nonvisible areas before extended use.

Windows Need a View

Even if the rest of your house is spotless, dingy and cloudy windows will steal the show. Take the streaks away and bring the outdoor view inside with a 1/4 cup white vinegar or lemon juice mixed with a 1/2 teaspoon of liquid dish soap. Dilute the solution with two cups of water, then shake the bottle vigorously to mix. Enjoy your beautiful and healthier view!

Outdoor Comfort

When everything inside is in tiptop shape, outdoor spaces should follow suit! We’re entering into warmer months of grilling out, s’mores, and enjoying decks and patios to the fullest! Clean every nook and cranny in a hurry with a pressure washer. If you invest in purchasing your own, you’ll save money on renting while having a quick cleaner on hand to eliminate worries of spills or unwelcome visitors trying to make your house their home!  

From your front door to the back, glide through each room, one at a time, as you gain the ultimate result toward a springtime fresh home! 

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