22 Amazon Products You Need to Complete Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Blog | February 27th, 2022

When the Valentine store shelves are wiped clean, the next thing to surface is spring and summer everything. With spring comes the word that goes hand in hand, which is “cleaning.” It’s a love-hate relationship between the two because most of us dread the cleaning process but love the result of the labor. Rest up for spring cleaning 2022 by shopping from home on Amazon. Compile a list of what you need to get your home as fresh as a beach breeze on a summer day. Here are 22 ideas to get you started!

Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves

Cleaning and cleaners can be harsh on the hands. Before you get started, slip on the protection of rubber gloves such as these with drip catch cuffs and odor-resistant technology for freshness while you clean! 

Extendable Cobweb Duster

Before any cleaning begins, the dust must be gone. This duster will reach new heights to clear out cobwebs and clinging mystery particles so you can get on with the program! 

Paint Roller Kit

A new coat of paint on freshly dusted walls can make your whole house look clean and new. Grab a paint roller kit like this one to get the job done fast!

Window Squeegee 

Before you add the final shine to your windows, get the bulk of winter’s buildup off with a squeegee that reaches top to bottom and corner to corner. It’s also great for shower doors, car windows, and more!

Windex Window Cleaner

No house looks 100% clean unless there’s a clear window view. Erase the grime and smudges with none other than Windex window cleaner!

Disinfectant Wipes

After the heavy-duty grime is gone, keep germs and small cleanup needs at bay with natural, botanical cleaning wipes! Clean safely using food, kid, and pet safe products!

Compressed Air Duster

This is a cleaner that will go places many can’t, like keyboard crevices and other tiny tight spots. With this item in hand, dust can’t hide anywhere!

Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner

Some ovens are self-cleaning and some are not. No matter which type you have, cooking spaces need a little boost and that’s just what you’ll get with Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. Get an ultra-clean job with no toxic fumes, now that’s a winner!

Old English Wood Furniture Polish

As spring brings the outdoors to life, Old English will do the same for your wooden furniture! Trust the name that has been cleaning for over 100 years! 

Gorilla Grip Drawer and Shelf Liner

Use a liner that can be cut to fit, removed, and washed to keep the inside of your cabinets springtime clean every day. Best of all it has a great gorilla grip to keep everything in place with no slipping and sliding.  

Swiffer Sweeper and Mop Combo

As they say, a Swiffer is the quicker picker-upper! Plus, it picks up as a sweeper or a mop, wet or dry with a swivel head to reach corners, under furniture, and behind bathroom fixtures! It qualifies as a perfect spring cleaner!

Mandarin Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar has been used for hundreds of years as a cleaner because it truly works! It’s safe for your household surfaces as well as pets and family! With this vinegar, you can take a deep breath, welcome springtime and enjoy the scent of orange essential oils with no harmful chemicals.

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

All cleaning projects must include a clean toilet. This is the cleaner that will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with a fresh scent-clinging gel and angled bottle to chase away germs in hard-to-reach areas! 

Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder

A fresh toilet makes everyone happy! Use the brush with bristles made of soft silicone and a unique U-shaped ventilated base that speeds up evaporation of water to keep the brush head dry and more sanitary! Always remember to swap out the brush often and in between cleanings keep isopropyl alcohol in your holder for constant sanitization. 

Gain Laundry Detergent 

The heart of a clean home is the laundry room. Wash your warm-weather wardrobe, linens, curtains and even your shower curtain and liner with the fresh scent of Gain detergent. Try the Moonlight Breeze scent for the feeling of spring all year long!

Shower Curtain Liner

Shower curtain liners can be washed but when deep cleaning comes around, go ahead and spring for a brand new liner! This study option should last until winter!

New Light Bulbs

When everything is springtime fresh don’t hide it behind dim lighting and burned-out lightbulbs. It’s amazing what light can do and these bright, new, LED, energy-saving Sylvania bulbs will help you do it!

Storage Baskets

When cleaning, did you uncover some surprising “stuff“? No matter how clean your house is, it won’t look its best if it’s cluttered. Keep your job well done intact with these storage baskets that will add a splash of organization along with sentiments of encouragement in keeping your home clean and tidy!

Pressure Washer

Everyday cleaning items are essential but investing in a few heavy-duty items such as an affordable pressure washer will keep the outside of your home looking new for years to come. Get that all over clean with Amazon’s #1 Best Seller cleaning tool waiting on deck!

Eureka Power Speed Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 

With everything else fresh, the final touch is clean, fluffy carpeting. A good vacuum cleaner keeps down allergens and adds the ultimate cozy to your home. This bagless version helps rid the baggage and the dirt without the mess of spills and a possible redo on your hands…and carpet.

Carpet Cleaner Machine

Deep cleaning carpets isn’t an everyday essential but accidents do happen. Whether it’s crushed chips, pet accidents, or tracked-in dirt, having a carpet cleaner will save you a fortune over commercial cleaning companies. Plus you can spot clean those accidents when they happen for continued all-season freshness. Dig deep for a fresh clean with a Four-Row DeepReach PowerBrush Roll and dual tanks that never leave you cleaning with dirty water!

Car Cleaning Kit

You don’t want to jump from a spring clean inside into a dirty car outside. Spread the love and the clean all the way to your vehicle with this kit made for the job! It includes a vacuum, accessories, and interior detailing tools for transportation that matches your home!

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