51 FREE Things You Can Do This Fall 2021!

Blog | September 23rd, 2021

More often than not, spring gets all the credit for being fresh and new. Even with flowers budding at the first flush of warmth, nothing can hold a candle to the breathtaking colors of fall. The blazing mix of red, yellow and orange seem to have a magnetic pull to make us want to get outside into the crisp, clean air. To absorb every part of this incredible season is a gift…and most gifts are free. Here are over fifty of those free gifts that fall is waiting to share with us all!

1- Make a warm and cozy fire pit by gathering rocks and placing them in a circle. You'll use your pit all year!

2- Create turkey decor with pinecones, leaves and pine straw tails. Who wouldn't want their crafts to be the centerpiece around the holidays?

3- Search nature to bring the outdoors in for free autumn decorations. Pinecones make lovely decor. Find a bunch and toss them in a glass bowl for an instant table update.

4- Add chips of wax from burned-out candles to pinecones for great fire starters. You can use the pinecones in your new firepit!

5- Before beautiful leaves get dry and crumbly, string them together with a needle and thread to make garlands.

6- Go trick or treating on Halloween. Free candy has always been an “in” thing!

7- Go on a hayride. Or make your own version with the wagon or wheelbarrow you already own!

8- Visit a corn maze for fun and photo shoots.

9- Cookout and eat outside while it’s cool and bug-free.

10- Watch Halloween movies in the dark or outside with cozy blankets to set the scene!

11- Go leaf-peeping all around your region to catch the best fall colors!

12- Do a fall-themed scavenger hunt. For example, who can find the largest leaf or three pumpkin-flavored food items!

13- Play checkers or bingo with acorns. You could make it a craft by painting the acorns as well

14- Have a Halloween karaoke night!

15- Now that it’s cool, start walking around your neighborhood more! It's a great way to gain inspiration for outdoor decor.

16- Make an indoor campfire in the fireplace. Spread out blankets on the floor and find real sticks to make s'mores!

17- Before apples go bad, make apple chips with cinnamon.

18- When you carve your pumpkins, save and roast the seeds!

19- Bake pumpkin dog treats to let your pup in on the holiday magic.

20- Paint plain t-shirts with leaf prints. Find some leaves outside, dip them in paint and use them as a stamp!

21- Fall is the perfect season for camping in your backyard! You'll have all of the adventure from sleeping under the stars but will still have the luxury of a bathroom with plumbing.

22- Tie together tree branches for mini trees and spooky decor. Use small ones inside and big ones outside. Painting them black is even better!

23- Have a build-your-own pizza night and grill it instead of baking it.

24- Have a corn on the cob eating contest.

25- Make a scarecrow from old clothes and fallen leaves.

26- Heat up apple juice and add cinnamon and spices to warm up before bedtime.

27- Let the kids make a fall mural on your driveway with chalk. Start over after it rains.

28- Go on a bike ride! If you don’t have a bike, feet will do!

29- Boil sliced oranges, apples, cinnamon and cloves in a pot for an incredible yet natural essence of the season throughout your house.

30- Make pumpkin muffins from staples in your pantry. Pumpkin spice doesn’t contain pumpkin so you add “pumpkin spice” which is cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.

31- Boo your neighbors with handwritten coupons for a grass cutting, dog walks or whatever their needs might be.

32- Take lots of pictures with all the gorgeous fall back drops. You can use one of the pictures for your holiday card!

33- Cut “grass mazes” on your lawn for the kids.

34- Fall is the perfect time for planting so take advantage of it and prepare your garden for spring.

35- Make a leaf mummy or fall “snow” man with stuffed grocery bags, leaves and watered down white glue. It will make the perfect decor for Halloween!

36- Make your Christmas list early on the first chilly day.

37- Get a “thankful jar” going, where you write down what you appreciate. You’ll have a jar full to read by Thanksgiving!

38- Make a canvas with pets' paws and non toxic, washable paints with autumn colors. You’ll have a keepsake and a memory that looks like fall leaves.

39- Start burning your fall candles.

40- Search for free fall festivals to attend in your area.

41- Watch football games! Even if you don’t have kids in school, revisit a high school game and enjoy the fall nostalgia.

42- Drizzle Trader Joe's or another natural caramel over a bowl of hot popcorn. That’s two fall treats in one.

43- It’s an oldie but a goodie, you must roast marshmallows over an open fire in the fall! By the way, if you've never added a Reese's cup to your s'more, you haven't lived yet!

44- Change A few select lightbulbs to amber or red for a fall glow anywhere.

45- Make a bedspread fort indoors when it’s raining and blustery outside.

47- Round up your shaving cream, white school glue, orange black and brown food coloring. Mix equal parts of the shaving cream and glue. Divide that into three parts and add food coloring you’ve just made puffy paint to design all sorts of fall artwork.

48- Using a free template, trace bats onto black construction paper, cut them out and stick them in droves on a wall. You are Halloween ready!

49- Gather sticks and make a twine wreath for the front door. Decorate it with dried flowers, acorns, pinecones and anything else that makes you feel like fall.

50- Take a pumpkin spice bubble bath. Simply add real pumpkin spice or cinnamon, cloves and ginger to your bubbly bathwater. The spices are good for your skin plus will make you smell “falliamazing!” These spices infuse your skin with antioxidants while they exfoliate!

51- Using old white t-shirts and a black permanent marker, draw eyes and a mouth. You now have appropriate attire to wear to a fall movie night or use as a Halloween costume.

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