7 Brilliant Ways To Shop Quickly For Holiday Gifts

Blog | November 29th, 2021

The post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy is about to begin! It can quickly change from shoppers rushing home with their treasures to shoppers simply rushing for the last items on the shelves! Everyone is looking for a deal, now more than ever, since Covid has put a dent in many incomes and jobs. There are also the concerns of getting out among huge crowds. And now we have added anxiety due to supplies being backed up. After experiencing Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in person, you may want to shop for remaining gifts online! The thought of shopping while curling up next to a warm crackling fire as you sip on cider seems a lot more appealing, especially when you can shop with a bundle of different options! Let’s get started and count the ways!

Facebook Fans

Facebook’s shopping suggestions provide many personalized and holiday gift ideas. Take a look at the items and see if there are some that interest you. There have been many “awww” moments when a personalized ornament is opened on Christmas morning. Or, the treasure of a canvas that you thought you couldn’t afford is the best gift ever received. When looking at Facebook stores’ pages, be sure to do your homework and Google the shops to be certain they are legit while checking out the ratings and feedback. Often, many handcrafted treasures can be found and rushed straight to your home, especially quickly from small businesses!


We all know that Amazon is a mega shopping source! You’ll have scores of selections and if you buy a certain amount there are many free shipping options even if you aren’t a Prime member. Don’t want to take a chance? Purchase the membership and you’ll have free shipping on most everything, every day! The cost is $119 per year or $12.99 per month for Prime. But stop and think about how much you spend on gas running from store to store and fighting traffic. Now you can shop from the comfort of your own home and keep those high fuel costs in your pocket!

Retail Stores Have Options!

Most of your favorite shopping spots now have online ordering options! Free shipping is often included with a certain purchase amount. Your first thoughts may be that you don’t want to spend that much. But, chances are if you’re at the store in person you might impulse buy which could result in spending a lot more on items you really don’t want or need. So, stay bundled up in your PJs while you bundle up your well thought out gifts, which in turn creates the third bundle that results in free shipping!

Sign up for Email

Sure, it’s easy to think there is a catch or bait that only results in an inbox loaded with emails ready for the trash bin. If you stay consistent in the places you like to shop, you’ll be glad to get those sales alerts, discounts, and other rewards from your favorite stores. Their gift to you for sharing your email address often comes with a considerable percentage off, discounts for first time buyers or free shipping. With legit companies, you can cancel your subscription anytime if your mailbox gets too full or you lose interest! Chances are you will love being one of the first to know about those sales and other deals!

Store Pick Up

Another way to take the hassle out of holidays is to use store pick up. You’ll save time and money by avoiding the lure of just incase gifts or last minute impulse purchases at the register. Sit back, make your list, check it twice and stick to it! If store substitutions must be made, they will usually be an upgrade which is a plus for you! You’ll also get the opportunity to say yes or no before the purchase is final. The ease of driving in and parking, having your loot loaded for you then driving away is purely magical! Unless you have waited until the last minute, you can often get your pick up scheduled the same day that you place your order! Now that’s convenience!

Give Nostalgia

Shopping on eBay or specialty shops like Etsy is the perfect way to find unique gifts while avoiding the crowds! You could easily stumble upon priceless nostalgia just like “the one” from someone’s past that will bring back joy like nothing else could. Or you can put a meaningful quote on a shirt or coffee mug that is a bond of something special between you and the recipient. You will enjoy the hunt especially as you realize that the custom possibilities are endless! And the receiver of your gift will be astonished at the thought you put into something lovely just for them!

Independence is a Gift!

Whether it’s getting older, lack of transportation, injuries or illness, most of us have felt the less than festive desire to shop when depending on someone else. Another option that has recently popped up is home delivery. For a small fee or a tip for the driver, you can have gifts delivered right to your front door. When getting out is hindering your holiday, check out this option then let the decorating, wrapping and baking begin!

As you ponder these options and ideas, convenience can cost a little extra. But always remember that time is money so ultimately you are saving cash and your sanity when spending your shopping time wisely!

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