Essential Purchases for Every Season of the Year!

Blog | December 2nd, 2021

Saving money is a big deal to everyone. Whether you are buying a lot of small things or one big item, it all adds up. Saving adds up, too! Knowing the secrets for the best time of year to make purchases will help you plan as well as save! Here is where you can truly enjoy the changing seasons as well as dropping prices!


January through March is holiday recovery time, so getting the most for the dollars you have left is a must!


Seasons change and so does fashion. As the cold months lean toward pops of warmer weather, shop for great deals on a winter wardrobe for next year!

Health and Fitness

New Year's resolutions need a boost almost as much as your after-Christmas bank account. Work off those frosted cookies, stocking stuffers, and turkey stuffing with a price drop in exercise equipment that will help the pounds drop, too!


After the collision of Christmas and Valentine chocolates on store shelves, you’ll find the time to buy your fave crave is now! Inventories must be cleared before expiration dates catch up. Their loss is your gain, which may bring you back to the fitness sales!

Turkeys and Hams

Those pricey holiday entrees are temporarily being replaced by the urge for pizza and Mexican food. Again, the sell-by date is your best friend. Buy your Easter main course now and freeze it. You’ll start the spring holiday season off with delicious savings!


The season for new life also brings new sales. Snowfall ceases and green is bursting through melting ice. Another shade of green becomes more plentiful with showers of savings bringing cash back to wallets everywhere!


Jewelers are caught between holiday gift-giving and June weddings, which slows down their sales. Still needing a steady income, they slash prices on sparkling merchandise. Planning to propose? In need of a gift that will make you shine? Now is the time to shop and save!

Thrifty Savings

The best time of year to shop at thrift stores is right after the holidays. The gift of gadgets, a few extra pounds, and new gifts in sending the old stuff out offers you a chance at some awesome treasures. Now is your chance to score some huge savings on barely used or possibly brand new items for yourself and your home!

Outdoor Needs

While there’s still a little nip in the air, cash in on outdoor patio furniture, grills, swing sets, and other items that will be in high demand in a few short weeks! You can get huge discounts at the end of the season but chances are the pickings will be slim at that point. To get what you truly want, get it before it’s gone!

Vacuum Cleaners

There are two reasons this is the season to buy a vacuum cleaner. One is, it’s time for spring cleaning! The other is, new models are normally released in June which lets you reap the benefits of stores and dealers moving out the old models to make room for the new!


July through September are hot months with savings to match! There is always a reason for a sale, and summer has plenty of celebrations to welcome them all!

Independence Sales

As July approaches, red white, and blue are everywhere! The sales will start to sizzle after the fourth, but the abundance of patriotic-themed everything will keep the selection high and the prices low.

Back to School

Who knows what future school normalcy will be? No matter where students attend, the supplies are basically the same. As the back-to-school banners fly high, this is the time to catch some great deals on everything from laptops to notebook paper. While the deals are abundant, stock up on enough to last all year!

The Fruits of Your Labor

September holds Labor Day and Labor Day sales explode with just about everything! The list would fill an entire article, so start with the letter “A” and work your way through the alphabet. You’ll be sure to find a cost cut on all of your wants and needs in September!


Mattress dealers and stores that stock them tend to have major sales on holiday weekends. Two of those that top the list land in the summer months. Those super sale celebrations are July 4th and Labor Day, with Memorial Day barely missing the summer time frame. Get ready to snuggle in the cool months ahead with a great deal now during a summer mattress sale!


October through December are the months when the magic happens! From spooky to sparkly, the fun months to shop begin when autumn arrives and last until “up the chimney he goes”!


It’s common knowledge that Black Friday hits in November. Cyber Monday hits this month, as well! That’s when the most popular electronics take a nosedive in prices. After the turkey dinner, people flock like bees on honey to get the lowest prices of the year on big-screen TVs, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, and other technology!

Costumes and Halloween Decor

As soon as November 1st hits, stores markdown everything leftover from Halloween. Out with the “boo” and in with the new! The Christmas season is next in line to fill store shelves so you can get a minimum of 50% off on costumes, candy, and all things orange!

Christmas Merchandise

It sounds a bit odd for Christmas items to be on the fall list. But December is included with winter beginning in January. As soon as Santa settles in for his long winter's nap, you need to wake up and get going for deals on Christmas trees, decor, clothing, and toys. If you have any spending funds left after the holidays, you can save astronomically on items for next year and gifts for all year!
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