7 Of The Best Easter Traditions Your Family Can Incorporate This Year!

Blog | April 4th, 2022

Every holiday has its traditions and Easter is no different. Many are every year, family festivities which are great and it wouldn’t be the same without them. But why not mix it up with a little something different that will add an extra spring in your holiday step? Should old traditions be forgotten and never brought to mind? Absolutely not, but a few new ones never hurt! Keep reading for seven special Easter additions your family can incorporate this year!

Remember the Meaning

Back in the day, everyone got dressed up in what was called their “Easter Sunday best.“ Little girls picked out their frilly, pastel dresses and even the youngest boys wore their suits and ties just like the grown-ups. Today, things have changed and many magical moments have slipped into the contents of a simple Easter basket. Whether going to a traditional church service is or isn’t your priority, attending a sunrise service is an option that is less formal with an experience of new life that will give true meaning to this incredible day!

Make Resurrection Rolls

The visual of Easter will gain new meaning while capturing and keeping the attention of all participants, young and old. This amazing and delicious activity may become the best and most loved addition yet! Here is the full story and how it’s done!

‘Twas the Night Before Easter

There’s a nostalgic event that involves a mix of boiled eggs and vinegar. Funny how unpleasant smells can come together to create such a sweet memory! Go back to childhood and return to the original tradition of coloring eggs the night before the bunny comes! It’s a fond memory your kids will never forget! Refrigerate and serve them for breakfast or make them the prize eggs for the upcoming hunt.


Decades ago baby chickens were dyed different colors and sold to excited children. This tradition, fortunately, faded away. You can still add the colors of spring by dying a covering for yourself to wear on Easter and beyond. It’s called tye dyeing but this version has a bit of a twist. Instead of dye, make it simple with sharpies and isopropyl alcohol! The fun and easy directions are right here!

A Family Egg Hunt That Lasts

Of course, the Easter Bunny loads up baskets with all sorts of chocolate and goodies. With more than enough treats readily available, make your egg hunt something spectacular that will last all year. Instead of stuffing plastic eggs and kids with more sugar, cut strips of paper and on them write down a simple prize that is redeemable later. Adding dates for redeeming will limit cashing all of them in at once. Simplicity can be exciting with treats like a single dip ice cream cone after school, a week off from trash duty, choosing a dinner menu, etc. The options are endless, affordable, and could be stretched to last for months!

Visit a Petting Zoo or Farm

Easter is the ultimate picture of new life so what better time to take your kids to see baby bunnies, (Peter Cottontail’s descendants) baby chickens, goats, sheep, and all the little animals seen on every Easter store aisle…with real live versions being much more fun!

Movie Memories

End your busy, festive-filled day by winding down with a kid-friendly movie that fits the occasion. “Peter Rabbit,” “Hop,” “It’s the Easter Beagle Charlie Brown,” and “The Dog Who Saved Easter” are just a few great choices. Add a grand finale with single servings of special spring-colored popcorn easily made with drizzles of white chocolate and pastel sprinkles. 

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