7 Scary-Looking Meals Perfect for Spooky Season

Blog | October 18th, 2023

Get ready to delight in some deliciously spine-tingling meals, appetizers, and desserts that are sure to thrill your taste buds and fill your tummy this spooky holiday season. Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy, it’s also the perfect time to get creative in frightening fashion with your culinary creations. We have dressed up seven scary-looking options to put together a meal that is easy to make and guaranteed to impress your family and guests as you add a ghoulish twist to your dining table!

Monster Eye Meatballs

You’d best keep your eye on the ball as you sink your teeth into this eerie yet tasty dish! These meatballs are stuffed with mozzarella that oozes when you cut it. The ketchup “blood” and vein-like noodles add the perfect finishing touch. Simply make your favorite meatball recipe. Cut mozzarella cheese sticks into chunks, and insert one into the center of the meatball before cooking as usual. Cook spaghetti noodles and toss generously in ketchup. Place the eyeballs on top of the noodles, adding an olive slice, green with pimento or black with more cheese, on top for the pupil.

Bat Wing Soup

Warm up with a bowl of hearty soup featuring bat-shaped breadsticks. Make the breadstick dough, shape it into wings, and bake until golden brown for a fun and spooky garnish for your favorite soup or stew. We know that bats eat mosquitos, but they also eat flies. To add a more squeamish touch, add cooked white rice to the top of each bowl for a magnificent maggot effect.

Melted Witch Dip

This bubbling, green dip is a “good witch” appetizer for Kansas or any location. Make your traditional spinach and artichoke dip and serve with blue tortilla chips…which look black and resemble witches’ hats. You’ll have and enjoy a mean, green Halloween delicacy!

Creepy Cucumber Snake Salad

When you want a dish that’s a little spooky but not for the faint of heart and stomach, this somewhat friendly green snake will be a welcome guest at your table. Slice or spiral-cut cucumbers and arrange curled in a shallow serving dish. Miix 2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar,1 Tablespoon Light Soy Sauce,1 Teaspoon Sesame Oil,1 Teaspoon Sugar,1 Clove Garlic, Minced,1 Teaspoon Toasted Sesame Seeds and Salt And Pepper To Taste. Saturate the snake and marinate for 15-20 minutes before serving. Add your choice of seed for eyes and red pepper for a zingy tongue.

Emotional Dreadful Drinks

With every meal, there must be hydration. Here’s one the kids can handle all alone. Remove labels from single-serve water bottles. Put them in the freezer an hour or so before serving time. Arrange on a festive tray divided into two groups labeled with signs…one being Ghost Tears and the other Essence of Spider Silk.

Dracula’s Dessert

Make your favorite baked cheesecake. When cooled, poke two holes in the top to center with a large straw. Gently fill the holes with gel from cherry or strawberry pie filling. Drizzle downward as if it’s oozing from Dracula’s dreadful fangs. Then, dig in and have a “bite” of after-dinner dessert!

S’more Suffocating Ghosts

When the meal is over and guests begin their escape towards home…or as a novel idea for trick-or-treaters…send along the sure way to keep ghosts at bay. Using a zip lock baggie, place two fun-size Hershey chocolate bars, two graham cracker squares, and a marshmallow Peeps ghost. Seal tightly so the ghost or the freshness can’t escape. Later you can sit back and enjoy the memories of a spooky meal so spirit-filled and spooky, it’ll take your breath away!

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