9 Of The Most Popular Spring Clearance and Savings Items!

Blog | March 15th, 2022

It’s almost time to break up with winter and start a relationship with spring. After all, the upcoming season is about clean sweeps and spring breaks. This can also mean a break for your bank account while cleaning up on savings when fresh sales hit the stores. But where should you start the hunt for those incredible deals? The list that follows will get you on the right path!


Being the retail giant that it is, at Amazon you can most likely find a great sale on anything, any time. After a little digging it seems that hot sale items for spring on Amazon are outdoor furniture and bedding. Investing in R&R is a smart move with spring fever abounding!

Bed Bath and Beyond

This store has it all, including frequent seasonal sales as well as fresh springtime arrivals. The great thing about BB&B is you can have savings coupons sent to your email or through text so you won’t miss a sale no matter what season it is! Click here to get on that list and the road to huge savings!

Best Buy

No sales pitches are needed here for selling or saving! At Best Buy, you can’t beat the prices popping up in spring with up to $700 off on 4K TV’s, along with big savings on Apple watches, iPads, and computers. You can also get a steal on headphones, gaming accessories, and $10 video games!

Grocery Stores

Back in the 1980s, March became known as frozen food month! There’s a lot to celebrate in the freezers across the country with the benefits of frozen foods! Freezing locks in nutrients that diminish more quickly than other options. Another huge plus is enjoying seasonal foods all year long! Visit any supermarket to find a deal on your favorites this spring!

Home Depot

As much as we’d rather be packing our suitcases, with spring comes the all too familiar words, “spring cleaning!” Retailers are ready to cash in as well while saving consumers 30% or more on cleaning merchandise. On the top of that list is the frequently used, must-have vacuum cleaner! Home Depot can be the perfect resource for your gardening and outdoor needs too. It’s one of the best times to visit your local Home Depot to get your home ready for spring and summer ahead!

Kohl’s, Macey’s, Sears

When the cleaning is behind you, it’s time to take a break! Spring break, summer break, vacation breaks are all in the near future and now is the perfect time to save up to 50% on your new traveling bag. With less people having traveled the last few years, there could be a backlog of last year‘s fashion in the luggage department which results in great savings for you this spring!

REI and Sporting Goods Stores

The snow is melting which makes spring the time to rack up savings on skis, accessories, and lift tickets for next year’s adventures! From the helmet on the top of your head to the boots and socks at the tip of your toes, now is the time to keep 30% to 40% of what you would pay next year in your pocket today.


Grills and summer fashion are at the top of the great spring buys at Target. Grills make hot, smokey meals and the cool fashion keeps you comfortable on the warmest days. Get them both for a perfect summer combo before the prices rise with the temperatures!


Walmart is normally not one to have official sales, so when you find a markdown down here you know you’ve got yourself a deal! For spring 2022, word has it that Walmart will have some incredible offers of up to 40% off on electronics, patio furniture and storage options! Keep in mind, when you order $35 or more (and who doesn’t do that at Walmart?) You can get free shipping!

As spring brings out the green, your wallet can flourish as well when you treat yourself to these stores’ savings!

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