9 Unique Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs This Year

Blog | April 8th, 2022

Traditions are wonderful, but they wouldn’t be traditions if they didn’t start somewhere! Keep the old while adding some new with a twist on this year’s Easter egg decorating! The kids will be in awe and will likely carry the creativity on to their children and generations to come. How precious the memories are when each time the decorating begins, you will be remembered! With new ideas in the making, keep in mind if your eggs are temporary, you can go the real boiled egg route. But if they are treasures you want to keep, use plastic or wooden eggs which you can purchase at the Dollar Tree or craft stores.

Carrot Eggs

We leave cookies for Santa so the least we can do is turn Easter eggs into the bunny’s favorite snack! Color your hard-boiled or paint wooden eggs orange. Then top them off with green felt for the cutest chubby carrots ever!

Chalkboard Eggs

Chalkboard paint is magic in a can! Paint or spray it on almost any surface, in this case eggs, then let your imagination go! Neon colors look especially cool against the black background!

Sprinkled Eggs

These eggs will look good enough to eat with the colorful abundance of tempting sprinkles. If you use real eggs, use real sprinkles and if you don’t, use these! If you plan to eat the eggs, cover them with honey, but if they’re long-time keepers you can use Elmers glue. Cover the eggs thoroughly in the chosen sticky substance, then roll in sprinkles until the egg is totally covered and completely awesome!

Twine Bunny Eggs

Twine covered bunny eggs fit in perfectly for a simplistic, farmhouse, natural kind of decoration or basket stuffer. Best suited for non-edible eggs, these little guys are precious place settings, adorable decor, and will stand up for years to come!

Matching Table Toppers

When you want decor that blends with your Easter tablescape, use eggs! Pick out your springtime beautiful napkins and use a few as a type of a decoupage to fill your table with egg-cellent taste and perfectly matching eggs!

Easter Egg Topiary Tree

A favorite centerpiece and tabletop eye popper is a topiary. This Easter version will not only be a way to decorate eggs but will be a focal point and splash of spring all season, now and years beyond!

Dazzle with Stickers

Adding stick-on jewels to hard-boiled eggs is easy and fun for kids of all ages. You can choose to dye the eggs or go natural. The shimmering sparkles are the focal point making even the tiniest of hands proud of their top-notch artistic work!

Sensational Stenciling 

Using stencils is a fun and easy way to decorate any Easter egg! With this method you can personalize it with names or initials and create basically any design your imagination chooses. Firmly hold the stencil on your egg and paint your design with a small stenciling brush. Just remember to let each application dry thoroughly before beginning another, otherwise you may have to quickly change to a swirly twirly design.

Speckled Eggs

Many of nature’s eggs are speckled, so give yours the same touch of realism by gently spattering paint with a toothbrush! Begin by painting boiled or unfinished wooden eggs with a blue chalk paint. Let the paint dry. Gently dip a toothbrush into brown craft paint. Splatter by running your fingers over the bristles, towards you with paint going towards the egg. Let one side dry, turn the eggs over and repeat. When thoroughly dry, repeat the speckle process with white craft paint.

BONUS: Minion Eggs

Add a touch of whimsical fun along with your favorite animated characters to make your decor eggstra special! Adorable Minion eggs are easy peasy with a simple egg dye kit, vinegar, googly eyes, black string, glue, and a Sharpie. The how-to is right here.

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