Check Out 8 Lucrative Jobs That Pay Daily!

Blog | May 19th, 2022

Life changes…and wow, has it ever over the past few years! With those changes come different needs including how often a paycheck comes our way. Bills don’t wait. We need food daily. Copays mount up. Birthday and wedding invitations pop up and not-so-welcome surprises happen. None of these are respectful of your personal pay periods. When you need cash daily there are ways to make that happen. Believe it or not, there are real jobs that pay daily, and here are eight of them!

Lyft Driver

Lyft is a good choice that pays up to $35 per hour and delivers on the spot through direct deposit. The hours are up to you as far as when and how much you work. Lyft offers rides for hire, motorized scooters, a bicycle-sharing system, rental cars, and food delivery. It isn’t a stay-at-home option but sometimes getting out is great therapy, especially when great daily pay comes with it!

Yard Work

There are many that welcome a dependable helping hand with all sorts of yard work. From simple grass mowing to trimming bushes to clearing snow off walkways and driveways, you will set the job description, hours, and pay. There are seniors that can no longer handle the workload and those too busy to get it all done. You can help others while you help yourself and get paid when the job is completed. The average pay is $14-18 hourly or $40-$50 per job.

Dog Sitting 

This can be a job assignment for a week or by the hour. While pet owners don’t want to leave their fur babies, sometimes help is inevitably needed. The last thing a loving owner wants to do is leave their “family member” at a kennel. Having a trusted sitter gives those with pets freedom to work, have a day out, or a much-needed vacation while knowing their pet is in good hands. And your hands will hold an immediate paycheck or PayPal payment. The pay scale varies but the average is $25 daily and $45-$75 for overnight jobs.

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

Hundreds, if not thousands, earn cash daily by completing small jobs called HITs. This stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. There are no worries of this being valid and reputable as it is owned by Amazon. Businesses add these tests to the website and those interested sort through the numerous jobs to decide which to accept and submit. Payment consists of cash or gift cards and is issued weekly through Amazon and PayPal. Hourly earnings have been noted as low as pennies and up to $10. The more tasks completed, the higher the pay!

Uber Eats and DoorDash

If you have wheels you can deliver! With both DoorDash and Uber Eats you can be your own boss and keep 100% of your fees and tips. Income runs approximately $23 per hour. The DoorDash customers place an order and any logged-in Dashers snag the job, pick up the food, deliver it and collect their pay. Uber Eats works basically the same way. You download an app and when you’re active you earn! All you need to get started is a vehicle, a smartphone, and be at least 18 years old.

House Cleaning

Everyone wants a clean home yet many don’t have the time to invest in that comfort. There is always a demand and it is a repeat business because, after all, who can keep their home clean 24/7? Individuals can start their own side job or small business to help in these days of busy schedules and the necessity of two-income families. The average hourly wage for cleaning homes is approximately $16. Check into cleaning offices and condos as well to save time on the road and the expense of the gas it takes to travel to multiple locations. Here is your opportunity to take on as many or as few jobs as you choose, set your own hours, and get paid by the job! In this “clean” job the startup is inexpensive, you can begin immediately, and how much you make it’s basically up to you!

Open an Etsy Shop!

Share your talents while profiting from them! Opening an Etsy shop is simple and inexpensive. Forget the yard sales where you practically give your treasures away. Instead, turn your vintage as well as crafted items made by you into a real profit. From sewing to real wood furniture, you can run your shop from home. As soon as an order is placed, payment is also sent. In a survey of Etsy sellers, 436 made under $50,000 yearly with 65% of those selling under $20,000. The remaining 118 made over $50,000 with some profiting over $100,000. As with any side job, the more you put into it the more you get out of it!


There are always kids, teenagers and beyond that need a one-on-one teacher. There are those that struggle understanding math in a classroom situation. Some students are too timid to speak up and ask questions. Some are driven to get better at playing a musical instrument, tumbling for cheerleading tryouts, or raise their grade point average. Someone that specializes in a specific need is a job always sought after! In the US, a private tutor’s average pay is $25 per hour. Of course, it varies depending on experience, subject matter, and demand. Gymnastic coaches come in a bit lower making slightly over $15 an hour while music teachers hit the highest note of all on the pay scale with an hourly check of $30 or more! 

When you need extra cash and you need it immediately, part-time or full-time, there are always options such as these to make your paycheck better than ever!

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