Decorate like a TikToker With These Trends

Blog | September 6th, 2022

Home decor is a huge topic on TikTok and there are oodles of adorable and fun trends that will get your mind ticking with an overflow of ideas to decorate your home, both inside and out! These aren’t your everyday, humdrum, basic needs. Instead, these items are fun and a bit off the bland-beaten path of some decor options. TikTok has become a go-to for all things in the home decorating department while showing and teaching consumers how to go with their own unique style and what they like, not just because it’s a designer brand or the in thing. To best sum it up, TikTok has a way of introducing people to things they didn’t even know they wanted but once seen, then they know! If you want to get in on the coolest decor going around, decorate like a TikToker and keep reading!

A clock, mirror, and charger combo is a major winner in the viral TikTok categories!

This cool clock is a makeup mirror, alarm clock, and phone charger! It has a large 6.5” LED display that can be seen all the way across the room, while the three-level adjustable brightness can be set to suit your needs, especially the night mode that creates a perfect sleep environment. When it's time to rise, the loud alarm won't let you down, or let you stay down!

Neon is lighting up homes everywhere and trending big on TikTok!

It comes in all shapes, sizes, and wording with each one making a statement of being something extremely cool! Express your thoughts or add a touch of the places you love with neon lighting! You could even make your own TikTok video with your already approved lighting as your backdrop! Custom-designed lighting is also an option!

Smart devices have led the way to smart furniture!

With all the smart devices these days the trend continues with smart furniture. This nightstand has a built-in nightlight that comes on when it detects someone within two meters and turns off within sixty seconds of inactivity. The table charges devices and even has a stereo sound system and speaker built in!

TikTok can truly take you back!

These twisted candles fit right in with the vintage nostalgia that is circling back around and becoming a hit on the decorating charts! Grandma had more insight into what home should look like than we thought, being decades ahead on what goes perfectly, even in today's world! If modern is your preference, these bubble candles will add the quirky touch you long for!

Wise decor saves cash and lasts longer!

TikTokers are moving away from flowers that are quick to shrivel. Wisely, they are leaning more towards the lasting versions like dried flowers and arrangements that will be enjoyed indefinitely, yet still, give a natural look. Wood vases, such as mango wood,  make a perfectly matched combo with a realistic, down-to-earth touch!

Color your world, or at least your room!

Lighting is a mood setter as well as a big deal in the land of TikTok! There are many varieties to choose from to give the setting you crave. This galaxy skylight will cover a 900-square-foot space as cloud colors transform seamlessly into one another, offering a showstopping experience like no other!  

Make a statement with mid-century features that scream style!

Mid-century furnishings will always hold a special place in the hearts of many, and TikTokers are on board for bringing back the look of yesterday! This mid-century modern two tier table does the trick and then some!

Make your walls pop with style that shows off other forms of good taste!

Decor and furnishings need the right backdrop to make them feel complete! Today, quick and easy is in as long as it’s lasting! A classic peel-and-stick subway backsplash will be here to stay until you decide to change it. This TikTok spectacular will fit right in with all other top-of-the-chart trends!

Decor isn’t just for indoors as this lighting will clearly show!

As forms of lighting are a must in the trending options, sometimes you just want to step outside and breathe. These nontypical solar firefly lights will have everyone gasping when the gentle breezes blow and the lights sway with a touch of what seems like magic! Place several in a field or garden for a mesmerizing effect!

Gardening and fresh options will decorate your table and your outdoor spaces!

From whimsical to natural, this little guy will water your contained garden in a light-hearted, fun, and different sort of way! The kids will even jump at the chance to take on the task of making the garden grow with this “trunk full” of water!

Personalized paw print dog blanket

TikTok enthusiasts can’t sign off without remembering furry family members! Giving joy to fur babies with their own personalized blanket will forever top the charts and outlast all trends! It’s a gift of comfort and security for the ones with the most unconditional and faithful love ever given. So, yes…decorate your pet's space to make the world of TikTok proud!

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