Essential Camping Items For Under $25!

Blog | May 26th, 2022

Camping has evolved from pitching a tent, starting a fire, and simple dining to some of the most extravagant vehicles on the road. Depending on the type and location, you could almost purchase a home for what some of these comfort spaces on wheels cost! I guess in some ways it’s still considered camping or as some call it today, “glamping.” It’s surely not the same “get your hands dirty,” commune with nature, and sleep under the stars experience that it once was. Of course, no one wants their outdoor vacations to be miserable but there are ways to enjoy the true spirit of camping that are affordable, necessary, and comfortable all rolled into one! Here you will find essential camping needs and ways to fulfill them for less than $25!

Note: Items were all priced under $25 at the time of publishing. Retailers may change prices.


Normally, the first course of action on a camping trip is to pitch the tent. You need shelter for sleeping, escape from the elements, unexpected rain, relief from the sun as well as a safe haven for privacy. A secure tent will also help in keeping bugs and unwelcome critters at bay. Though not a motorhome or a literal home away from home, this pop up tent will cover two adults with affordable down-to-earth camping accommodations.

Sleeping Comfort  

A good night’s sleep is important and imperative if you are expending outdoor energy. This three seasons sleeping bag will provide a cozy and comfortable, moisture-free place to lay your head while also being temperature controlled for warm muggy nights to temperatures dropping all the way down to very chilly! 

Food Prep

Following along the pathway to necessary needs are comfort foods that will keep you well and happy. Proper nutrition goes far beyond the iconic treat of s’mores over the campfire. With this inexpensive 21-piece camping cookware set you’ll be prepared for morning coffee all the way to a hearty, rustic dinner cooked over a real fire. If sticks and stones don’t float your boat or start your fire, take along this grill that’s small, handy, and the perfect outdoor cooking option!

Drink Cooler

On a scale of importance, hydration beats just about everything. When summer camping is high on the popularity poll, it’s the time that dehydration can creep up quickly. There will be no enjoyment ahead if fluids are not a priority. This Coleman cooler will keep you stocked with room for 22 cans and is insulated to retain ice longer. Preparation is everything and this must-have item will have you covered for $22.99. It’s also the perfect place to store refrigerated items and medications that can’t get overheated.


When the basics are covered it’s time to relax! Find your perfect view and hook up this hammock for daydreaming, reading a book or simply soaking in precious moments of freedom!

Protection of all Sorts

Whether you’re in the woods, have a mountain view, or hear the waves crashing, somehow, someway the bugs will find you! Then there’s the sound of footsteps crunching in the leaves or sand that can turn your peaceful rest into alarming anxiety. Keeping a flashlight or lantern for inspection, police strength pepper spray for intruders and a safe bug spray for comfort will be a huge plus In making your intentionally uneventful time away a secure one!

Personal Relief Space 

With tummies full and feeling safe, secure and relaxed, the inevitable is bound to happen. The question is do you have the proper potty place to prevent an unpleasant encounter with poison ivy and other natural substances that should steer away from natural places? This handy pop-up privacy tent and portable toilet with rope handle will be a relief in more ways than one! Keep this part of your camping experience one where you can remain seated for the entire performance!

With essentials and comfort affordably covered and all under $25, you can now get out there, get away, and enjoy your summer!

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