Everything You NEED to Shop for in July if You Want to Save!

Blog | July 7th, 2022

There’s more to celebrate in July than just Independence Day. July can be a great time to stock up on some items for big savings. The midsummer month may be hot, but you’ll find hot deals on everything from jewelry to sofas and beach towels to laptop computers. 

Some of the summer’s most popular July buys include: 

Summer Gear 

Typically, it isn’t very savings savvy to buy seasonal clothes when they’re in-season, but many stores and large chains have Fourth of July sales that continue into the month. Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Land’s End all offer huge savings throughout July 2022. 


Computer manufacturers offer the newest laptop computers often as retailers prepare for back-to-school shopping. If you can settle for a laptop that’s not the latest model, you’re likely to save money on your computer purchase in July.  

If you’re a teacher, student, or educational staff member, check out Apple’s annual Back-to-School student sale, which allows eligible customers to upgrade their devices and receive a free pair of Airpods. 

Amazon Prime Day 

For online shoppers, Amazon Prime Day, set for July 12-13 in 2022, is a great time to get deep discounts on all sorts of items. Other merchants and websites will be having Christmas-in-July sales, but Amazon Prime Day is one of the best opportunities to get your hands on everything that Amazon has to offer.

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture 

While consumers are spending more time in the great outdoors during July, indoor furniture is likely going on sale. July can be an off-season for home purchases since it’s months away from the holidays, which is when many people update their décor for guests.

If you can wait until after Independence Day, you’ll also snap up deals on outdoor furniture, which will be heading into its off-season. 


Appliance purchases can be lower in July since the new models of larger appliances come out around November, just in time for the holiday season. Since July isn’t when people typically give household items as gifts, large home appliances are usually on clearance.


Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day are traditionally times for jewelry gifts, and July isn’t close to any of those holidays. That means you can get great deals on fine jewelry in July, as retailers will be trying to sell excess stock. 


Wait until after the Fourth of July for the best buys on grills and grilling tools and accessories. Consumers do most of their grilling purchases before Independence Day for summer celebrations, so after the Fourth of July, the prices of charcoal, gas, and pellet grills will go down.  

School Supplies 

After Independence Day, many retailers will put school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, and crayons on sale to attract back-to-school shoppers. If you begin purchasing early, you won’t have to suffer the rise in demand as the school year gets closer. Buy extra school supplies at bargain prices so you have a stash for later in the year.  

Ice Cream and Slushies

Many chains have special promotional deals in July, such as 7-11, who have made July 11th (7/11) Free Slurpee Day. If slushies aren’t your thing, National Ice Cream Day falls on July 17th, and ice cream stores like Dairy Queen may be giving out free or reduced treats. Take a look at your local stores too, and see if they’re celebrating any wacky July holidays with great deals!  


Savvy shoppers can save hundreds of dollars on their purchases during July if they know what’s on sale. Items that are either off-season or past their sales peak have large discounts to reduce stock. Shoppers who take advantage of these sales will rake in savings.  

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules for savings! Keep an eye on your local stores and retailers, and you might just find the best deal of the year this July. 

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