Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make At Home!

Blog | October 20th, 2023

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner and wait – you don’t have a costume yet?

Fear not (or maybe do, because it’s Halloween), because we’ve got you covered with some easy, creative, and seriously cool last-minute costumes you can whip up with things you probably have lying around the house.

Ghosts and goblins, step aside – DIY Halloween costume genius coming through!

Let’s get that creative cauldron bubbling and brew up some awesome costumes without breaking the bank or making a panicked last-minute dash to the crowded costume store!

Ghostly White Sheet Specter

Okay, it’s classic but with a twist! You’ll need a white sheet and a marker. Here’s how to bring this ghost to life:

Grab a Sheet

  • Find a white bedsheet – the older, the better!

Cut out Eyes

  • Fold it in half and cut out two eye holes. Try it on and adjust as needed. Remember, uneven holes add that eerie touch!

Add Spooky Features (optional)

  • If you feel artsy, use a black marker to draw a creepy mouth or other ghostly features.
  • Voila! You’re a ghost, not just any ghost – a customized specter of spookiness!

Bubble Bath Beauty

Who doesn’t love a luxurious bubble bath? Turn this into a fab Halloween costume with a white outfit, balloons, and a rubber duck.

Inflate Balloons:

  • Blow up white balloons (the bubbles!) to various sizes.

Attach “Bubbles”

  • Use safety pins to attach them to a white shirt or dress. Be generous; the bubblier, the better!


  • Add a shower cap and hold a rubber duck for that extra ‘soaking in style’ vibe!

Cereal Killer

A little pun, a little fun, and a sprinkle of spookiness make the perfect quick Halloween attire!

Collect Mini Cereal Boxes

  • Gather mini cereal boxes and attach them to a shirt using safety pins or a hot glue gun.

Stab with Plastic Knives

  • Put plastic knives into the boxes – you’ve just turned cereal into a victim!

Add Fake Blood (optional)

  • Splash some red paint or fake blood on the boxes for the chilling effect!

Rosie the Riveter

Empowerment and ease? Yes, please! A blue shirt, red bandana, and red lipstick turn you into this iconic figure!

Blue Shirt

  • Wear a denim or dark blue shirt and roll up the sleeves. Strong arm pose is mandatory!

Tie the Bandana

  • Fold a red bandana into a triangle and tie it around your head, with the tip pointing upwards.

Red Lipstick

  • Swipe on bold red lipstick and get ready to channel your inner strength!

The Mummy Returns

Get wrapped up in the spooky season! A toilet paper roll or old white fabric strips can transform you into a mysterious mummy.

Wear a White Base

  • Start with a white shirt and pants as your base.

Get Wrapping

  • Wrap the toilet paper or fabric strips around your body, leaving some areas loose for the aged, unraveling effect.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care

  • Tease your hair and add a little dust or gray spray for that ancient, risen-from-the-tomb vibe!

Punny Pineapple

Be the fruit of the party with this sweet and simple idea. All you need is a yellow dress or shirt and some green paper.

Dress in Yellow

  • Slip into something sunshiny yellow – a dress, a shirt, whatever suits your style.

Create the Crown

  • Cut pineapple leaves from green paper or felt and attach them to a headband or a clip.

Wear Your Sweetness

  • Pop your ‘pineapple crown’ on and embrace your tropical transformation!

Black Cat Magic

You can always go right with this classic! It’s cute, chic, and screams Halloween without needing nine lives to create.

All Black Everything

  • Dress in black from head to toe.

Make Ears

  • Use a headband and black construction paper or felt to create cat ears.

Draw Whiskers

  • Use eyeliner to draw whiskers on your cheeks, and don’t forget the nose!


And there you have it, fellow Halloween enthusiasts! From a haunting mummy and pun-tastic pineapple to the evergreen black cat, the perfect Halloween costume is a creative thought and a few household items away.

It’s the season to explore, transform, and embrace the mysterious and the magical – and to do it all without spending a fortune or stressing out. The spotlight awaits you and your fabulous DIY Halloween costume. Will you be the spook of the town, the ghost with the most, or perhaps the cat’s meow?

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