Our Top 6 Kitchen Appliances Under $40!

Blog | May 12th, 2022

We know we’ve come a long way when kitchen appliances can cook food in minutes, boil water in seconds and make crispy fried chicken with little to no oil. We don’t even have to force down our veggies, but instead can whip them up in a tasty smoothie. The best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to have the latest and greatest in making your culinary life a breeze!

Let’s do some virtual shopping to locate six favorite kitchen appliances that you can purchase for less than $40! Just keep in mind as you shop for anything to be sure it’s something that’s useful and not clutter. Also, make sure you have room for your additions. Everyone and every family is different so think it through, choose wisely and invest in appliances that will make life easier!

Note: Amazon prices fluctuate but all items were under $40 as of the date of publishing.

Magic Bullet

If the big and mighty blenders are a bit too much, whip up your own personal refreshment or power drink in a Magic Bullet. Simply toss in your favorite ingredients, twist the top and drink directly from the blending container. Make a milkshake in minutes or feed your body with a superfood smoothie. Start with a little bit of oat milk, 1/2 of a frozen banana, 1/3 cup of frozen organic blueberries, a handful of fresh organic spinach, a dash of cinnamon, one teaspoon of natural vanilla, ice cubes to taste and blend away! For an additional nutritious punch, add a scoop of organic powdered greens and collagen to deliver a delicious, healthy drink and treat all in one compact appliance!

Whirley Pop

The fancy popcorn poppers are cute and nostalgic but not much fun to clean and maintain. The Whirley Pop will stir up some of the best tasting popcorn and clean-up is a breeze. Simply add enough olive oil to cover the bottom, let it heat, add your popcorn kernels and keep the handle turning. You’ll say goodbye to soggy or burnt popcorn and look forward to crispy, hot, and delicious! For an extra touch, have some real butter melting in a stovetop safe cup and drizzle it on for a natural, better-than-movie-theater taste! Plus, using organic kernels and butter will make this fiber-filled treat even better!

Slow Cooker 

Also known as a crockpot, your original memories of these might not be the best, but with today’s new and improved recipes, you’ll be coming back for more! You can drop your meal ingredients in your cooker in the morning and have a hot dinner ready and waiting when your day is done. Check out Pinterest for endless slow cooker options and recipes from full meals to desserts and everything in between!

Air Fryer 

When you’re on the road to better health yet still want crispy and delicious food, an air fryer is your answer! Using minimal oil, you can start fresh or reheat leftovers to have a meal with a crispy crunch that’s super easy to prepare. Clean-up is minimal in this easy cook-and-serve appliance. You have nothing to lose except hours over a hot stove, fat, and calories! Larger sizes may run more in price, but you can get this compact version for less than $40! If you are a beginner in air frying, check out this cookbook filled with 600 air fryer recipes!

French Press Coffee Maker

If you are in the habit of stopping for a frappe or a quick Espresso in the mornings, save some cash and make your own brew! With a non-electrical, space-saving French Press, you will have a rich, delicious beverage in minutes! Be your own barista and add a splash of your favorite creamer, spices, and more for a coffee shop taste at home! Plus, at $5.00 a day, you’ll save approximately $100 monthly which will more than pay for your coffee and this convenient appliance…multiple times over!

Microwave or Toaster Oven? That is a Definite Question!

Microwaves have been the rage for years but there is a question of whether they are the healthier option. Microwaves can emit radiation and standing directly in front of one while it is running is not recommended. If this concerns you, using a toaster oven can get the same job done. Maybe not quite as fast as a microwave…but almost…and definitely without concerns! With a toaster oven, you can bake, broil, toast, and keep food warm which is more than a microwave offers!

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